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Distribution manifolds for radiant systems.

ITAP pre-assembled manifolds are used to distribute heat-transfer fluid inside a system. They can be used in
traditional radiator systems or innovative under-floor radiant systems. As ITAP manifolds are made of stainless
steel, they are particularly suitable for heating systems. If used in cooling systems, they must be insulated to
prevent the formation of condensate on their surface.

The use of ITAP manifolds also allows all of the project parameters to be controlled, providing the perfect balance
of each outlet. This avoids any unnecessary waste and ensures an elevated level of thermal comfort.

In the complete version the manifolds are equipped with flow rate regulation valves (flow meters), with cut-off
valves set-up for electro-thermal actuator and with drain and air vent units. As an alternative to flow meters, it is
possible to request the installation of regulation lockshields. Thanks to their increased cross-section, the flow and
return bars allow a higher flow rate.


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