Ideal DVGW ball valve, full flow

Ecological ball valves in compliance with the new European regulation for drinkable water.
Approved in accordance with standard EN 13828 and Code of Practice DVGW W 570 for the distribution of water intended for human consumption.
Equipped with a ball designed to avoid the stagnation of water and eventual proliferation of bacteria inside the valve.

Female/female or male/female threads.
Flat lever handle in lined steel or T handle in aluminium.
Body in nickel-plated brass.
Minimum and maximum working temperatures: -20°C, 150°C in absence of steam.
Threads: ISO 228 (equivalent to DIN EN ISO 228 and BS EN ISO 228).

1/4" (DN 8)50bar/725psi2910014P12/192
3/8" (DN 10)50bar/725psi2910038P12/192
1/2" (DN 15)50bar/725psi2910012P12/96
3/4" (DN 20)40bar/580psi2910034P8/64
1" (DN 25)40bar/580psi2910100P6/48
1"1/4 (DN 32)30bar/435psi2910114P4/32
1"1/2 (DN 40)30bar/435psi2910112P2/16
2" (DN 50)25bar/362,5psi2910200P2/14