14 апреля 2021


In recent weeks we have seen together what Legionella is and where it is, today we will find out. as she spreads.

Legionella spreads through city pipes and building water systems.
Infections are often related to the pollution of water distribution systems.

From here, Legionella is disseminated and is pathogenic especially in closed environments.

The water temperature favorable for Legionella is included in a very wide range, between 5.7 and 55 ° C; above or below this threshold, however, this bacterium cannot survive.

In Italy, according to the latest monitoring carried out in the Annual Report on legionellosis in Italy (ISS 2018), 2,014 official cases of legionellosis have been declared, or almost 35 for every million inhabitants.

Now we just need to know how it is transmitted, so see you next week to find out with ITAP.

And as always, our motto: water is an essential good and it is our job to safeguard it and take care of it.
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