21 апреля 2021


We have reached the final chapter of our journey through which we learned everything there is to know about water intended for human use.

In recent weeks we have talked about Legionella, it remains only to find out how it is transmitted.

Legionella contracts through the inhalation of water particles dispersed in the environment: the infectious agent can be found in the aerosol which is nebulized by splashes or by impact on solid surfaces.
If these airborne droplets are contaminated with a sufficient amount of bacteria and are small enough, they can more easily penetrate the respiratory tract, where they can cause infection.

Potentially, anyone can be exposed to contaminated water particles at home or in workplaces, hospitals or public places. Legionella can also spread by air, through old and unclean air conditioning filters.

Let us always remember, water is an essential asset that we must take care of!

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