31 März 2021


Today we are talking about a very underestimated bacterium that contaminates drinking water: Legionella.

Legionella is a bacterium responsible for an infection that mainly affects the respiratory system.
The bacterium, carried by air treatment or water distribution systems with temperatures between 20 and 40 ° C, becomes dangerous for humans when, developed in high concentrations, it manages to reach the lungs.
The resulting infectious disease can manifest itself as pneumonia (legionellosis), with a mortality rate ranging between 10-15%, or in a flu-like form (Pontiac fever), with a benign course.
Today the Legionella risk is still strongly underestimated and little known.
The damage, sometimes fatal, to people’s health is also underestimated.

But exactly, where is Legionella found? See you next week to find out together!

And as always, our motto: water is an essential good and it is our job to safeguard it and take care of it.

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