5 avril 2021


After having seen together what Legionella is, today let’s see where it is.

At an environmental level, Legionella is widespread: the bacterium is mainly associated with the presence of water and prefers natural water basins and artificial, but it is also found in mud and wet soils.

Legionella also replicate in the hot-humid sections of the ventilation systems (air conditioners, air humidifiers, etc.).
Showers, systems, domestic hot water, air conditioning systems, evaporated water cooling systems are some of the most common sources.

The conditions of stagnation and the presence of encrustations, sediments and biofilms are favorable to the proliferation of Legionella.

The places where people can be exposed to this risk are, therefore, truly innumerable.

Now that we know where it is, do we know how it spreads ??
See you next week to find out with ITAP.

We never forget our motto: water is an essential good and it is our job to safeguard it and take care of it.

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