7 junio 2023


  • Direct distribution unit – Kvs 23,0
  • Fixed point distribution and regulation unit – Kvs 7,5
  • Motorised distribution and regulation unit – Kvs 7,5
  • Distribution manifold with integrated hydraulic separator and adjustable by-pass

These components are today’s key to more efficient thermal power plant management.

It is in recent years that the installation of distribution manifolds has become an increasingly common practice. This is due to their flexibility of use in both traditional radiator systems and modern radiant panel systems. They can also be installed in combination with boilers or heat pumps. The result of this flexibility and high performance is optimal thermal comfort.
Risultato di questa flessibilità e di performance elevate è un comfort termico ottimale.

In fact, these devices offer numerous advantages in terms of performance, including:

  • more efficient heat distribution
  • greater operational flexibility
  • better system control.

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