11 marzo 2021


Did you know that 11 March is World Plumbing Day?

Yes, it is a fixed appointment in the calendars of political and social institutions around the world, established in 2010 by the World Plumbing Council.

The international plumbing community, plays a decisive role in promoting the link between high quality plumbing, human health, environmental sustainability and, increasingly, economic prosperity.

This day is characterized by competitions, seminars, celebrations and activities all over the world. Professionals belonging to the plumbing fraternity, and not belonging to it, come together to learn, share knowledge and experiences, make connections and find the best ways to collaborate to optimize the quality and access to fresh water and safe and ecological sanitation.

There are hundreds of annual events, aimed at promoting the strong link necessary between good hydraulic hygiene and the protection of human and environmental health.

Would you like to know more?? Find out the World Plumbing Council deepening:

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