1. These general sale conditions are considered fully accepted by the customer upon confirmation of the order.
  2. Any drawing or technical document related to our products, even if submitted to the customer, is our exclusive property and can not be used by the customer or copied, reproduced, transmitted or communicated to third parties without our prior written authorization.
  3. The customer can not return the goods for any reason without previous authorization of our sales department. Complaints for wrongly delivered or missing goods must reach us within 30 days of receipt of the goods.
  4. The products sold are guaranteed free from manufacturing defects for the term of 24 months from shipping. We decline all liability in case of incorrect installation or use not complying with the working conditions, stated in our catalogue, of the products sold.
  5. Under no circumstances will any complaints or disputes give the customer any right to omit or delay payments for the delivery.
  6. The delivery terms of each single order must be compatible with the availability of the goods at the seller’s factory and will be agreed at the time of the order.
  7. All products become customer’s property upon their delivery, at seller’s warehouse.
  8. In case of continuous supply, we may stop such supply if the purchaser is in breach of only one of the particular or general conditions agreed upon.
  9. The warehouse for goods loading is the following: ITAP SpA, Via Industriale 39, Zona Industriale Moie, 25050 Rodengo Saiano, Brescia, Italy.
  10. Any particular and general exceptions to any agreed conditions shall be agreed upon between the parties in writing.
  11. All judicial disputes will be settled by Brescia Court of Law.

Any damage caused by a product of ours, allegedly defective, must be immediately reported, mentioning the name of the damaged party and the approximate amount of the damage. Photographs related to the damage and the product must be later sent to us for our technical evaluation.
Anything that could highlight the extent of the damage should be kept at our disposal until closure of the file.

The above is necessary to activate the respective procedure by our insurance Co.


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Это стало возможным благодаря вниманию к качеству на протяжении всего производственного цикла.

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