Thread sealing for metal thread joints


Composition: anaerobic methacrylate
Viscosity (+B2652+25° – mPa s): 20.000 – 80.000 thixotropic
Specific weight (g/ml): 1,1
Fluorescence: under blue light
Flash point: > +100°C
Gap filling: M56 / 2” / 0,30mm
Handling cure time: 15-30 minutes
Functional cure time: 1-2 hours
FInal cure time: 3-6 hours
Locking torque breakaway (ISO 10964): 18 – 24 N x m
Locking torque prevailing (ISO 10964): 7 – 14 N x m
Shear strength (ISO 10123: 6-3 N/mm2)
Temperature range: -55°C – +150°C
Anaerobic curing adhesive for sealing of metal thread joints only.
Approved for Gas ( DVGW, DIN-EN 751-1), high pressure gas and GLP for working pressure up to 20 Bars.
WRAS listed for contact with wholesome (potable) water.
NSF registered in cat. P1 as acceptable for use as a sealant in and around food processing area.
Approved for use with gaseous oxygen up to 10 Bars and +60°C (BAM Ref. N° II-717/2007 E).
It seals against gas, water, LPG, hydrocarbons, oils and other chemicals.
Thixotropic property prevents migration of sealant from thread before or during curing.
It replaces PTFE tape and yarn and gives instant sealing against moderate pressure.
Shock and vibrations resistant, sealing properties unaffected over the temperature range from -55°C to +150°C.


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