11 June 2024

Itap and #BOLIVIAwithAGUA: Achievements 2023

In 2023, Itap participated in providing safe water to the most vulnerable families in Bolivia. This project, known as #BOLIVIAconAGUA, has had a significant impact on improving the quality of life of many communities on the ground.

Thanks to the contribution of Itap and other companies, the initiative has reached 15.000 people, including 2.280 students, 3.000 families and 100 communities, spread across 25 municipalities. In 2023 alone, the project set ambitious goals, with a fundraising target of $871.000 and a total investment of $2.2 million. These funds have been crucial in developing sustainable water infrastructure and ensuring continued access to clean resources for those most in need. Thanks to these initiatives, #BOLIVIAwithAGUA has become a leading initiative in the field of access to safe water with over a hundred water system construction projects implemented.

This project directly contributes to achieving Sustainable Development Goal number 6 of the UN Global Goals: ‘Clean Water and Sanitation for All’. Ensuring universal and sustainable access to clean water is essential to promote public health and reduce inequalities. The support of all companies that, like us, have joined this initiative, makes it possible to significantly improve the living conditions of beneficiary communities.

In conclusion, the Bolivian companies expressed deep gratitude for the support received during 2023, emphasising the importance of Itap’s donations and collaboration for the success of the project.

For more details on the results and impact of #BOLIVIAconAGUA, please see the full report here: