30 August 2023

Protect your customers’ systems with I-DOSER:

The polyphosphate dosing unit that will surprise you!

Are you a plumbing and heating professional and want to offer the best to your customers? Fighting limescale is crucial for a longer and more efficient life of boilers and systems. That is why we present you I-DOSER, the polyphosphate dispenser that will be your best ally against limescale.

Discover how this product intelligently protects boilers and improves energy efficiency by providing a complete anti-scale treatment solution.

Defeat Limescale with I-DOSER:
Limescale in water can cause scaling and corrosion that is harmful to the operation of boilers. With I-DOSER, the high quality polyphosphate dosing unit manufactured by ITAP, you have the ideal solution to combat limescale effectively and safely.

Thanks to the proportional dosing of polyphosphates, I-DOSER transforms calcium carbonate into complex polyphosphate, preventing scale build-up in the pipes.

This protective film also provides protection against corrosion, keeping your pipes in excellent condition over time.

The right doser for your Customers’ Boilers:
I-DOSER is designed to be easy to install on the cold water pipe inlet to boilers or heat generators. It is also suitable for washing machines and dishwashers, providing comprehensive protection for household appliances.

Its maximum flow rate of 1.5 m3/h makes it perfect for multiple residential and industrial applications.

With high quality materials such as CW617N brass, transparent SAN glass and VMQ bellows, you can be sure that the I-DOSER is built to last and offer reliable performance.

Safety is Our Priority:
We respect the safety of your customers and the domestic environment.

I-DOSER complies with Ministerial Decree 25 of 26 June 2015, which makes the use of a polyphosphate dispenser mandatory for every boiler system.

In addition, the dispenser comes with a refill included, and the filter can be easily replaced independently to ensure its efficiency.

The Ideal Choice for Your Customers’ Boilers:
In addition to protecting your customers’ boilers and equipment, I-DOSER offers numerous benefits. The anti-limescale treatment will help you maintain your equipment, reducing waste and saving on energy costs.

The extended life of the equipment will allow your customers to avoid costly repairs or replacement.

Recommend I-DOSER as the smart choice for healthy and efficient heating systems, ensuring maximum comfort for your customers and their families.

Are you a professional who wants to offer the best to your customers?
I-DOSER is the ideal choice for you. An intelligent and comprehensive solution for anti-limescale treatment, ensuring reliable performance and long-lasting durability.

Protect your customers’ installations with a high quality and safe product from ITAP.
Take care of the heart of their homes.
Buy I-DOSER today.