Set point regulating unit

The set point regulating unit is used for underfloor heating systems and installed directly on the manifold in the box, thanks to its small overall dimensions.
The minimum depth of the metal box required for the installation of the regulation unit is 90 mm.
The regulation consists of lowering and keeping constant the temperature of the medium fluid using a 3-way mixing valve equipped with an adjustable thermostatic head with a built-in sensor.
A circulation pump (supplied on request) allows the fluid to circulate through the pipes, while a safety thermostat limits the maximum flow temperature to 55°.
The regulating unit is assembled on the manifold using swivelling nuts. This makes it easy to remove for maintenance or other requirements.

Consisting of:
– 3-way mixing valve
– Thermostatic head with built-in sensor
– Safety cutoff (factory set at 55°C)
– Thermometer (scale 0°-80°C) fitted to the flow and return pipes
– Low energy consumption pump (on demand)
Technical specifications:
– Medium fluid: water, glycolate solutions max. 30%
– Temperature setting: 20°C – 55°C
– Maximum working pressure: 6 bar
– Body and fittings: nickel-plated brass
– Available size: 1”
– ISO 228 threads (equivalent to DIN EN ISO 228 and BS EN ISO 228)
Supplied with low energy consumption pump (9490100200CPF) or without low energy consumption pump (9490100200SPF).
For a right installation of the set point regulating unit we suggest to use one of the following mounting brackets:
– Art. 498STK with centres distance mm 200 and offset mm 12.
– Art. 949ST.